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Film Composer Songwriter Producer


  • Spen/cer Play Video Spen/cer This short film, featuring Trevor Stines from Riverdale, is about a socially awkward kid who has to deal with two conflicting characters manifested from his imagination while trying to get over a crush on his straight best friend. This was the first serious film score that Alex composed and helped with the sound design.
  • Dumbo In Dumbo Play Video Dumbo In Dumbo Dumbo in Dumbo, a short film, is about a woman that saves a stolen pocketbook.
  • The Priest, the Recluse, and the Fugitive Play Video The Priest, the Recluse, and the Fugitive An accidental home invader uses an agoraphobic woman and a wannabe cultist to avoid detection from police, inciting a big ol' sea of troubles.
  • Sinfonia Spring Concert Play Video Sinfonia Spring Concert This is a live performance for a silent film that Alex wrote music to.
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